Software Development is my passion. Great knowledge about technologies, methods and paradigms are the foundation of my services that result in great software solutions.


Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, extreme Programming (XP) are great, but they only create an advantage in combination with a clear product vision, short feedback cycles and space for innovations.


Quality in Software Development is more than just writing unit- and integration tests. A good understanding of customers needs, a solid runtime enviroment and security aspects are also in the focus of my daily work.


Teamwork, immediate Feedback and direct contact to users and stakeholders are some of the keyfacs for great and innovative software solutions.

Java Software Consulting

In-House and remote Java Software Consultant located in Cologne, Germany. Agile Mindset, teamplayer, reliable and communicative.

main tech stack

Java & PHP

There was a time before AOP, Generics and Lambdas! I started object oriented software development with Java 1.4 in 2003 and never stopped. Programming PHP was also not object oriented that time when I learned the language.


From Spring Core, over MVC and Security to Spring Boot. My experience in spring started with version 1.2.2 in 2005.


I have been working with Hibernate as OR-Mapper Framework since 2005 when the features of the release 3.0 were the Interceptor/Callback architecture, user defined filters, and JDK 5.0 Annotations.

ReactJS & Angular

React was the last frontend framework that I have learned. I started programming react frontends in 2015. Before that, I developed frontends with AngularJs. Back in the days I also created tons of JSPs.


Relational Databases like Oracle DBMS are standard in some industries, but there a more technologies to be considered like: SOLR, Lucene, Cassandra and MongoDB. For Machine Learning and BigData i’m familiar with Apache Spark and Co.

Microservices in the Cloud

SOA, Monolith & Microservices – all the different software architectures have their advantages and disadvantages. I worked in different environments from batch applications over monolithic web apps to cloud based microservice architectures.

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